Garage Door Repair & Maintenance

We take pride in offering comprehensive and expert repair and maintenance services for a wide range of doors and windows, ensuring their optimal functionality, longevity, and safety. Whether you have commercial or residential doors and windows, our skilled technicians are equipped with the knowledge and experience to handle any repair or maintenance need with precision and efficiency.

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We offer door & window repair and maintenance on all brands   – residential or commercial, warranty or non-warranty. Also, we are experts at locating hard-to-find parts for all your garage door needs. So, you can rest easy knowing that whatever you need, no matter how obscure, we can get it for you!

Get Your Garage Door Repaired By Our Experts In Northeast Ohio

You can depend on the competent team at Callahan Doors for exceptional repair and maintenance service for the various door systems we install. Moreover, our proficiency spans many other doors and openers outside our immediate product range. Regardless of make or model, we’re likely equipped to lend a helping hand. Rooted in years of industry experience, we’ve seen and resolved nearly every garage door issue imaginable. Our team is qualified to replace everything from springs, tracks, weather seals, and gears or apply lubrication and yearly adjustments to your door and electric opener.


Expert Spring Replacement and Preventative Maintenance

High-tension springs can eventually succumb to wear and tear after years of reliable service, under specific exceptional situations, or even post-accidents. It’s crucial to remember that spring replacement should always be conducted by professionally trained personnel. Our expert service technicians can safely replace your old or damaged springs, and they won’t stop at that.

While on your premises, our technicians can also offer preventative garage door maintenance, including lubrication and fine-tuning critical components. These proactive measures can help ward off new issues even before they start. Essentially, you’re receiving both a preventative service and a solution to your current problems, all in one visit by our experts.

With Callahan Doors, securing top-grade garage door repair services coupled with thorough preventative maintenance, is as simple as contacting us. We have the expertise to extend your garage door’s lifespan and ensure safe, smooth operation year-round.

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After-Hours Service

Are we closed, but you need service on your door, window, or garage door?

We are pleased to offer next-business-day service. Contact us at to let us know what service you need, and we will get back with you on the next business day.

Entry & Patio Door Repair

This service provides our customers with the option of repairing patio and entry doors that may not be ready for replacement, but need repairs due to failed parts or weatherstripping. We are glad to have this option, as it allows for more options for our customers. You may want to keep your current garage door, or the damage and wear are not enough to justify a new door. Luckily, we will repair your doors! These small issues may build up over time, however, so it is important to get them done quickly as well as properly. If you are interested in our garage door repair services, then be sure to contact us!

We’ll come to your residence to evaluate the problem, and then order parts if necessary. Some units, like sliding patio doors, may simply need a tune-up to function like new ones. We offer this service on all brands including:







Save on the high cost of replacement with Callahan’s door & window repair and maintenance and contact us today!

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Know that no matter what you are looking for with Your Building in Northeast Ohio, Callahan is here to help.