Openers & Operators

garage doors mansfield ohioResidential Garage Door Openers

Once you’ve experienced the convenience and security of an electric garage door opener, you will never do without one. Many accessories are available to make your opener suitable for your garage doors in Mansfield, Ohio. Call us today for your next project!

Commercial Overhead Door Openers

We understand that your business needs to be accessible to your employees but secure from intruders. Because of this, Callahan Doors offers only the best quality industrial openers for our overhead door systems.

Choose Us For Safe and Secure Garage Doors In Mansfield, Ohio

Many garage door openers come with safety sensors that project an infrared light beam across the garage door opening. The opener will automatically reverse the door operation if anything interrupts the light beam or the garage door actually comes in contact with a person or object. For security, the remote controls provided with the opener are now equipped with the latest rolling code technology. Each time the remote button is pressed, a new randomly generated code is created. Consequently, you won’t have to worry about a neighbor’s remote accidentally opening your garage door.

Smart Features Available For Garage Doors In Mansfield, Ohio

Callahan Door and Window offer openers for your doors near Delaware and Mansfield, Ohio with additional options such as keypads and Wi-Fi-enabled smart features like controlling your garage door, receiving real-time notifications of its use, and establishing preset schedules – all from an app on your phone. To illustrate some of our Wi-Fi-enabled options, check out myQ.

Options Available

We can accommodate installation for any type of overhead or garage doors near Mansfield, Ohio, including:

Chain-Drive Garage Door Openers
for reliable performance year after year

Belt-Drive Garage Door Openers
for quiet, smooth-running operation – available with an optional emergency battery backup system for when your power goes out

Residential Jackshaft Openers
mounts on the side of the garage door if ceiling space is limited – available with an optional emergency battery backup system for when your power goes out